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Airplane Simulator Games: Another Way To Fly

If you need free online flight simulator no download is required though, then do not worry as there are many such simulators available in the market. There are applications that simulate the flying experience like Google earth flight simulator, Microsoft simulator to name a few. However, these software though are connected with Internet for updates and other needs, but are mainly needed to be downloaded on to the system, so in short they do not fit the criteria we have of free online flight simulator no download though.

Obviously these flight sims  are not the multi-dollar electro-mechanical jet simulators utilized by the airliners in the  training of their pilots. What we are discussing here are the flight simulation gaming software that can be installed on your personal computer.

No Additional Hardware Required

The only flight control devices needed to fly most flight simulators is a keyboard and mouse which you already have. Therefore, your initial investment to get started is very reasonable and affordable. Additional flight control devices can be added later that will add to your enjoyment and more accurately simulate the feel of the controls and the aircraft’s response.

You can add a flight simulator yoke which will control the ailerons and elevators, foot pedals to control the rudder, and a throttle to control the engine speed. Some airplane simulator games enthusiasts go so far as to build a life-size replica of an airplane cockpit in their home with all of these controls and more. The main thing you need to know is that you don’t have to go to this extreme to enjoy airplane games but you can if you want. The software is already designed to accommodate many add-on hardware controls available in the marketplace or alternatively you can opt for free flight sim downloads.

Can I Do This?

The short answer is, “Yes you can!” The challenge that confronts you in learning to fly with these modern day flight simulator games is very much similar to the preparation and learning requirements for becoming a pilot. In fact, some professional flight training schools use these airplane simulator gaming software in their flight training programs.

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Basically the free online flight simulator for which no download is required, use the same techniques that is used by many multimedia (music, movies, games) websites. The concept is called streaming, in which the data is transferred between server and client system upon connection. Basically, the purpose of applying streaming is to save the disk space, and obviously the content owners use it to protect their copyrighted software and other multimedia content. End users may not appreciate the streaming concept for smaller files but when the source files data goes in multiple GBs, which is quite a norm for the simulators software application, then streaming is the only way out for end users to enjoy their favorite content without waiting too long. So, in short streaming allows people to enjoy content which otherwise is deprived for them because of the need of paying to enjoy.

In the presence of many search engines, most notably Google although MSNs Bing, Yahoo are also very good with their results, it is not difficult to find the free online simulators without the need of downloading. All you need to do is to type in the keywords like “free online flight simulator no download in the search bar and press the search button and you will see many results within no time. However, before choosing any particular flight simulator, it is important to understand if the application is really good. So instead of wasting your time by registering and then finding out that the game is not up to your expectations, it is better to read the online reviews about the game. If the game has a small demonstration video, try that too, so you can know how the real application will look like and the kind of flying experience it will be offering. Now, there are many online flight simulator software applications that can be run on handheld devices, iPhone, tablet PCs too.


A GE flight simulator is an apparatus or device that is used in the aviation field, by aviation enthusiasts, licensed pilots who are practicing AVR or people interested in getting a general know how in this field. The device is basically used to artificially recreate an aircraft within various conditions and aspects of a flight environment.

This is basically includes how an aircraft reacts to its control applications, the environmental factors including turbulence, air density, precipitation and clouds among others, and an equation governing how an aircraft flies.

They are generally used for various reasons such as flight training by the flight trainers, control handling qualities, in aircraft characteristic research and in the aircraft design and development. However, the google earth flight simulator is the first development of its kind from Google earth and is basically intended to give the person a better 3D perspective of the terrain in the Google earth.

More over, the device can give you an eye view of the pilot of the trip and thereby helping you to familiarize with the planned approaches. More over, the apparatus can also be used because it is generally fun to the user.

A Ge flight simulator employs various hardware, realism and the modeling details depending on the intended purpose. This ranges from a models based on PC laptops on various systems of aircrafts to replica cockpits which are slightly simple used for familiarization, to cockpits simulations that are more complex containing some working systems and controls to cockpit replications that are highly detailed with all aircraft systems add controls that have wide field visual systems of the outside world. All these systems are mounted on a certain six degree s of (DOF) freedom platform of motion.

These platforms move simultaneously with the pilot’s control movements and other external aerodynamic factors. If you are interested in getting the Ge flight simulator for your home computer, there are several and wide varieties of hardware flight controls and software that you are likely to confront. With all these choices, you are most likely to get confused on what choice would be the best for you.

It is therefore advisable that you get grounded with the overall context of most of the available choices that are likely to face a flight simulator consumer. This may go along way in getting you informed on the broad fields of inspired and casual interest. As a result, you curiosity on the on the various flight simulators genre may be well served.


The availability of various simulator genres has made it possible to easily get one without spending a lot on money. This is because you have the option of choosing a simulator that is less costly compared to the others. In this regard, a Ge flight simulator is easily available and at an affordable price to its consumers.

Airplane Simulator games online

The wish of a lot of us is to experience the joy of flying an airplane has come real with the introduction of airplane simulation games. The first effort to develop such a game came from Microsoft chairman Bill Gates in 1982. He was inspired by the book Night Flight, written by Saint Exupery. The book explained all the minute features involved in flying in a great detail. And with the growth that computers have had, these games have also gained immense following and popularity. The game developers are striving hard to improve the player experience in every new version of the game they develop. The best flight simulator we have today is made possible by the inclusion of new ideas, latest technology and greater detail add to the merit of these games.

These features have managed to make people addicts of the game. In some airplane simulation games, the user can actually select any model of aircraft that he wishes to fly. To add to it, they also have the option of customizing the chosen aircraft to suit their preferences. The graphic details can be set at various levels depending on the hardware configuration of the computer on which the game is played. The latest games allow the players to visualize things that are happening on the ground when they fly low during take-off and landing.The extremely realistic effects make the player feel as if he/she is flying an aircraft in real time. The other factors which have influenced people’s interest in these games are the news bearing famous aircraft incidents.

The action packed fighter planes and the entertaining celebrity flights all add to the excitement. However, the airplane simulation games cannot be considered to have created a very positive impression alone.  These games have their own drawbacks. The extremely detailed description and handling of an aircraft have let the terrorists to take unlawful advantage of these games to try and get acquainted with airplanes so that they can use it for destructive purposes.