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The wish of a lot of us is to experience the joy of flying an airplane has come real with the introduction of airplane simulation games. The first effort to develop such a game came from Microsoft chairman Bill Gates in 1982. He was inspired by the book Night Flight, written by Saint Exupery. The book explained all the minute features involved in flying in a great detail. And with the growth that computers have had, these games have also gained immense following and popularity. The game developers are striving hard to improve the player experience in every new version of the game they develop. The best flight simulator we have today is made possible by the inclusion of new ideas, latest technology and greater detail add to the merit of these games.

Best flight simulator 2020 game-play preview

These features have managed to make people addicts of the game. In some airplane simulation games, the user can actually select any model of aircraft that he wishes to fly. To add to it, they also have the option of customizing the chosen aircraft to suit their preferences. The graphic details can be set at various levels depending on the hardware configuration of the computer on which the game is played. The latest games allow the players to visualize things that are happening on the ground when they fly low during take-off and landing.The extremely realistic effects make the player feel as if he/she is flying an aircraft in real time. The other factors which have influenced people’s interest in these games are the news bearing famous aircraft incidents.

The action packed fighter planes and the entertaining celebrity flights all add to the excitement. However, the airplane simulation games cannot be considered to have created a very positive impression alone.  These games have their own drawbacks. The extremely detailed description and handling of an aircraft have let the terrorists to take unlawful advantage of these games to try and get acquainted with airplanes so that they can use it for destructive purposes.

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